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The Gemini Bankruptcy Solution


Equifax and HNC Software have joined forces to bring you the Gemini Bankruptcy Solution. We have combined our state-of-the-art scoring and advanced analytical methods into the ultimate bankruptcy prediction tool. The Gemini Bankruptcy Solution gives you the ability to prevent millions of dollars in bankruptcy losses around your card portfolio. In fact, you could start seeing substantial savings as soon as 30 days after employing the Gemini Bankruptcy Solution!

Dual Power: Equifax Bankruptcy Navigator Index® + HNC ProfitMax® Bankruptcy

Validations show that the Gemini Bankruptcy Solution is more than a traditional scorecard, because it combines the strength of the Equifax credit information-based Bankruptcy Navigator Index with HNC’s transaction-based ProfitMax Bankruptcy in a two-score algorithm that:

  • Identifies as much as 25% more potential bankrupt accounts
  • Provides significantly lower false-positive rates
  • Has the power to increase predictive lead time by as much as seven months

While each score, by itself, is more predictive of bankruptcy than traditional scoring models, combining them produces an even more powerful tool by capitalizing on areas where their individual bankruptcy-predictive capabilities don’t overlap.

Equifax Bankruptcy Navigator Index

Bankruptcy Navigator Index (BNI) leverages broad information about a cardholder’s
overall credit history and multiple lender relationships. BNI combines...

  • General risk and bankruptcy models
  • Advanced segmentation of Bankruptcy Signals, developed through Equifax’s proprietary data mining technology
  • A one-of-a-kind geographic adjustment that reflects current experience and 18-month forecasts of the overall risk performance of 231 MSA-based geographies covering the entire United States

HNC ProfitMax Bankruptcy

ProfitMax Bankruptcy takes full advantage of HNC’s proprietary profiling technology, which builds and maintains a behavior profile on each of your card-holders.

Updated with every transaction or account activity, these profiles provide a rich portrait of individual cardholder accounts that serves as the context for individual comparisons and boosts ProfitMax Bankruptcy’s predictive power.
ProfitMax Bankruptcy delivers:

  • A multi-dimensional view of bankruptcy
  • Real-time decisions
  • More effective portfolio management

The Gemini Bankruptcy Solution

The Gemini Bankruptcy Solution unites Bankruptcy Navigator and ProfitMax Bankruptcy into a unique solution unmatched in the marketplace. By intregrating these two technologies into a single solution, Equifax and HNC Software now provide the industry with the most accurate and useful bankruptcy prediction tool available today. No question about it! Call 1-800-879-1025 for more information.


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