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Equifax Fraudscan detects, validates, and verifies potentially fraudulent information automatically and simultaneously at the time of application. It monitors every transaction, comparing consumer-provided information against multiple nationwide databases, and issues a flag when it finds known or suspected fraudlent information on an application. By automatically verifying information via a complete name check, along with a comprehensive address and phone number search, Fraudscan eliminates time-consuming and expensive manual checks on flagged information. Consumer data is transformed into standard postal format and a full report is returned within seconds.

A continually-updated on-line or off-line system that helps prevent fraud before it happens


  • Verifies applicant’s identity based on name, address and phone number
  • Issues a flag when an applicant’s address is a mail-receiving service, prison, check- cashing site, etc.
  • Reformats applicant information into standard postal format, saving you time by eliminating manual data reformatting
  • Notifies you when a Social Security number has never been issued.. .was issued before the applicant’s date of birth.. .was issued to a person reported deceased.. .or was issued in just the last five years
  • Flags driver’s license formats that are not valid for the state indicated
  • Issues a warning when an area code has — or is about to — change and returns the alternate area code
  • Warns you when an applicant’s phone number does not match their zip code.. .is associated with high-risk service, i.e. wireless phones and pagers.. .or is Invalid
  • Has no consumer disclosure requirement — flags are not part of a consumer’s credit file and cannot be used as a basis for denying credit or employment

FraudScan is part of a growing family of innovative products and services that comprise the Equifax Total Solution — your strategic master plan for growth and control. Call 1-800-879-1025 to contact an Equifax representative today.

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