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MultiVision for Windows :: Overview

The MultiVision PC 1.5 application is a state-of-the-art tool designed to help companies reduce fraud and potential bad debt write-offs. The application's user-friendly interface allows companies to electronically transfer customer inquiries to Equifax and generate reports based on details retrieved from their consumer information database.

MultiVision PC 1.5 is divided into three separate packages: (1) MV Express, (2) MV Express Plus, and (3) MV Network. Each package supports a different combination of communication protocols and database structures. Please consult your Equifax representative if you have any questions about your MultiVision package.

  • MV Express supports an asynchronous communications protocol with a dedicated modem and works with a local database structure.
  • MV Express Plus supports the asynchronous communications protocol with a dedicated modem, an X.25 communications protocol, or a modem pool, and is designed to work with a local or shared database structure.
  • MV Network supports complete network connectivity using an asynchronous, X.25, or TCP/IP communications protocol and a local, shared, or external database structure.

Sample Input Screen


Key Features
The new MultiVision PC 1.5 interface is designed to maximize productivity and efficiency and provide users with a wide variety of features. Key application features include:

  • Customizable Interface - MultiVision allows the CSR Administrator to enable/disable fields on the main application screen to reflect individual user requirements and minimize keystrokes.
  • Database Connection Types - MultiVision allows CSR Administrators to specify either a persistent or a non-persistent connection to a shared ODBC database.
  • Database Retrieval - MultiVision archives inquiry responses received from Equifax in the database for later review. Users may retrieve archived information to use in creating customized reports.
  • Navigation - MultiVision's user friendly interface allows users to navigate the system quickly and easily.
  • Online Help - MultiVision provides an online help system and context-sensitive help to answer your questions.
  • Product Customization - MultiVision allows users to customize features in the information returned from the system.
  • Safety - MultiVision is designed with password administration features for preventing unauthorized access to the system.
  • Search Customization - MultiVision provides you with multiple transaction types for retrieving report details from Equifax.
  • Transaction Identification - Each inquiry is assigned a unique transaction number designed to allow users to recall previous inquiries.

486 (33MHZ) PC or greater
Disk Space:
10 MB free space
Operating System:
Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, NT 3.51, NT 4.0
Networking Software (Network version only):
TCP/IP Winsock 1.1 compliant stack
Other Software:
Microsoft Windows 16-bit ODBC drivers 2.0 or greater

MV Express
Please Contact your Equifax Telecommunications & Utilities Solutions representative
MV Express+
Please Contact your Equifax Telecommunications & Utilities Solutions representative
MV Network
Please Contact your Equifax Telecommunications & Utilities Solutions representative


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